A location is never just a geographical place, but also a sentiment and a state of mind. Barragem dos Pisões is a large brutalist dam built into the scenic area of Barroso, a remote yet stunning region in Northern Portugal.

The trip there is one of complete departure and dissolution from city life. As we travel alongside the Peneda-Gerês National Park, its grandeur transforms our quest into a humbling experience, disarming and blurring our understanding of the self.
Intimacy, fellowship, and enjoyment are now the focus of our journey and as the monumental walls fade into small alcoves snaking through the waterfront, a steady pulse grows beneath the trees.

We are now part of a simpler life and as the picturesque scenery takes over, so does a sense of comfort and communion with the land. Our Vision for Basilar derives from this togetherness, it is the reason we aim to create the perfect atmosphere for a musical experience.

We have arrived.