Basilar is an intimate event in Northern Portugal carefully designed to welcome a knowledgeable and music-focused community. With techno as our framework, we embrace its forward drive and risk-taking nature to form a compelling and unified experience.

In order to engage with each other at a deeper level, we maintain a strong sense of flow, rhythm, and ambience by focusing our efforts on a single stage. We believe this way artists can be fully absorbed by their craft whilst having absolute confidence they are building a vibe instead of competing for crowd attention.

Our main goal is to create an atmosphere and warm feeling of togetherness. For this reason, Basilar features longer, free-flowing DJ sets and will host a small community of 1000 people, encouraging personal bonding and recognition for the fellow dancer.

These apparently simple but fundamental aspects of our concept are elevated by our dam lake setting, where nature, music, and solidarity interweave into long-lasting feelings of freedom and enchantment.